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Emergency Room staff get high praise from patients

Patients have given high ratings to clinical staff in the Emergency Department (ED) at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Results of the Patient Satisfaction Survey in January show 89 percent saying their attending nurse always treated them with courtesy and respect. Eighty-four percent said their nurse always listened to them and 87 percent said their nurse was always clear in explaining things to them.

Patients said ED physicians were excellent in communicating with them. Ninety-four percent saying their doctor always treated them with courtesy and respect, 96 percent saying their doctor always listened carefully to them and 94.9 percent saying the doctor always explained things in a way they understood.

While patients felt that nurses and doctors were clear in communicating their conditions, they were less satisfied with the time they had to wait to be seen. About three quarters of the patients 75.3 percent, described the wait time in the treatment cubicle before they were seen by a doctor as very good. Close to 80 percent 79.2 percent said the hospital was very good, at keeping them well informed of delays.

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