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Dr Outerbridge retires from BHB

Bermuda Hospitals Board Chief of Pediatrics Dr Eugene Outerbridge retired this month after 15 years of service. Although leaving his post at BHB, he said he will not be retiring to lie down and put his feet up.

“I’ll be lobbying for things that involve and benefit children,” he said. “There is lots to do to integrate existing services…”

He’s proud of the service his department has been able to offer children in Bermuda, and said the sophistication of nursing and physician staff in the department is better than the community hospitals that referred to Montreal Children’s Hospital where he worked for 30 years.

The pediatricians are unusually up to date in their knowledge, as are the nursing staff all of whom have worked in large tertiary care centers before coming to Bermuda,” he said

Dr Outerbridge said, as a community hospital, it’s important for BHB to have good ties with good tertiary paediatric hospitals and noted that these ties were in place before he came on staff.

“The most important thing to me here is the people I’ve worked with,” he said. “Michelle Thomas and Janet Wheelan are unusually able and committed. I feel we built a good team. We didn’t just come to work – we accomplished things. And I appreciate Christine Virgil’s guidance, counsel and support as clinical director.”

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