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Eardley Stephens - an exemplary BHB employee

Bermuda Hospitals Board regularly recognises the commitment and dedication of our employees in fulfilling our mission to provide safe, high quality, people-centred, compassionate care, every day. This month orderly Eardley Stephens was featured on the front page of the monthly staff newsletter – BHBLife.

Mr Stephens has been an orderly at BHB for 20 years. He started in the geriatric ward when he was 20-years-old and later worked on other wards as well as the ambulance. Mr Stephens now works on Catlin Lindo Ward in the Acute Care Wing.

Catlin Lindo Clinical Manager Karen Raynor describes him as exceptional, noting that he often goes beyond what’s required. His dedication to the job has been recognised with a RISE Award nomination citing a recent case where he cleaned a macerator of faeces that had blocked it.

Mrs Raynor said, “Our macerator was broken. When the gentleman came to fix it, it was noted to have all sorts of things in there that didn´t belong mixed in with faeces. Eardley took on this unpleasant job of removing everything in the macerator so that it could be repaired. This act was very much appreciated. Eardley is known to assist wherever possible but to me, this was exceptional.”

When asked about the case, Mr Stephens was unfazed, saying, “Any maintenance that needs to be done, I will just go ahead and do it. If something needs to be fixed, I’ll go ahead and fix it. That’s what I’m here for. When that happened I put gloves on and I cleaned it out. I can’t be scornful, not when I am working with people and I want to do a good job.”

As an orderly, he says his job is to be there to help patients with their needs: “We take blood pressures, blood sugars, turn patients on their beds, give bed baths – whatever needs to be done.”

He says his most challenging work is helping in cases of cardiac arrest and delivering CPR.

A self-proclaimed “people person”, he loves his job and says he always does his best.

“I have a good personality,” he says. “No matter where I work I always get along with everyone and treat everyone the same. I always try to do a good job and make everyone feel good.”

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