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BHB staff have outstanding dedication

The outstanding dedication of BHB staff was applauded by its Board Chairman Jonathan Brewin in a letter to the Editor published in the Royal Gazette on Saturday 1 November 2014.

Mr Brewin hailed the staff as heroic in their work ethic and professionalism both in the lead-up, during and after Hurricane Gonzalo. “Hundreds of BHB staff members left their homes and families to stay on site to look after patients as the hospitals went into lockdown from 7pm on Thursday 16 October to 3pm on Saturday 18 October.

He noted that it was BHB staff that were able to secure permission to cross the Causeway after it had been closed, and who braved the journey across to collect by ambulance, a suspected stroke victim. An ambulance crew also collected woman who went into labour on Friday morning, and safely conveyed her to the hospital where with the help of staff she was able to deliver her baby during the hurricane.

Mr Brewin also wrote: “A special mention has to go to the staff of CCU Upper and all those who ran to their assistance to evacuate patients as the CCU roof was damaged at the height of the storm. The Board was informed about how any staff member, who was able, no matter what department, as well as volunteers and even staff spouses, went to help CCU staff wheel residents out one by one despite the flooding and tiles and slate falling as Hurricane Gonzalo ripped into the roof. The process took about 90 minutes. Their bravery in the face of a very challenging situation truly was heroic. Over 30 residents were safely evacuated and settled into the old Emergency Department thanks to their efforts.

BHB staff have done a great service to patients, and to Bermuda. The Board would like publicly note how grateful and proud we are of their efforts.”

To read the full letter click on the link below.


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