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Welcome to the Bermuda Hospitals Board

Ambulance Service Expanded

In March 2014 the Minister of National Security directed BHB and the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) to implement an ambulance service that would reduce the response times for medical emergencies in the eastern and western ends of the island.

Both organisations had the capabilities to perform the service, but neither could implement a competent ambulance service without a $1-million investment in additional staff and vehicles. Due to budget concerns at both BHB and BFRS, the most cost-effective way to introduce the service was to split responsibilities between the two.

The Director of Emergency has assumed a clinical directorship of EMTs for both services, which is consistent with international best practice.

In the eastern zone, BFRS has based their ambulance at Clearwater Fire Station and performs medical transport duties around the clock.

In the central zone, BHB has based two ambulances at KEMH from 8am to 4pm and one ambulance from 4pm to 8am to cover medical transports in this area.

In the western zone, BHB has based one ambulance at Port Royal Fire Station around the clock.

GPS positioning devices have been placed in all ambulances, providing real-time display of vehicle locations.

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